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Daz 3D
So currently I'm working on putting together a full list of the resources I use within DAZ 3D


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About the Comic.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences of those choices."
Two people who were never destined to meet cross paths and rewrite not only their own destinies but countless others. Now they must face off with justified evil, racial and social prejudice, hypocrisy and the consequences of their own choices.

Latest NewsWednesday, Aug. 13, 2011

I think I'm finished with updateing the site, just a few more kinks to work out. I'll be adding a proper news page as well if anyone is interested :P

How it's made. 

All 3D rendering is done in DAZ 3D with postwork done in SAI, Sumo Paint, and GIMP.
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